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We combine our expertise to bring a truly holistic approach to gut healing. We believe in empowerment through sharing knowledge and supporting healthy life skills. While we focus on how individuals can take charge of their healing we recognize that racism, classism, ableism, sexism, and fat phobia, transphobia, and homophobia, can be real causes of gut imbalances. In order for us to be healthy individuals we also need to work on creating health as a society. Additionally, we believe that health can be achieved at every size and embrace a body-loving, whole-person, perspective. 


Doctorate in East Asian Medicine, Holistic Womb & Pelvic Healer, Embodiment Coach
Pronouns: She/Her

Jeevan comes from the Sanskrit जीवन (jīvana), meaning life, or more specifically that which animates every living being. A name that’s fitting, as it speaks to her life’s work - guiding womxn and people with vaginas back into the sanctuaries of their bodies, to reclaim their birthright of aliveness and embodiment.

As a visionary, womb-keeper, herbalist, doctora and guide, Jeevan offers work that is experiential and holistic. She believes that one of the most radical things we can do for ourselves and the collective is to cultivate self-friendship on both a physical and spiritual level. Jeevan aims to provide a container that is inclusive of all identities. Her clinical practice pulses with the seasons, offering womb & pelvic healing, as well as embodiment coaching, both in Portland and remotely. 

Jeevan holds a doctorate in East Asian Medicine, and is completing a masters in integrative mental health. To learn more about Jeevan, visit her website:


Naturopathic Doctor, LAc
Pronouns: She/Her

I believe that health begins with intention to connect with one’s self, to reach out for help, and to trust the body’s innate ability to heal. By making a commitment to ourselves we are empowered to embark on the journey to freedom from suffering.

Isabel is a Naturopathic Doctor and Acupuncturist with a passion for science, nature and integration. Her goal is to open up the possibility for anyone to have enhanced vitality, no matter their age or condition. Isabel believes that the most subtle levels of nature hold the greatest energy, which is reflected in her treatment style that emphasizes gentle intervention at its heart. She specializes in French homeopathy, drainage detoxification therapy and Japanese acupuncture.


Licensed Somatic Psychotherapist (intern), Massage Therapist, and Yoga Instructor
Pronouns: She/Her, They/Them

Zeyah supports others in feeling comfortable and empowered in their own skin. Zeyah practices somatic psychotherapy - "somatic", meaning "body" - and helps people connect their emotions and psychological patterns to their embodied experiences. With 20 years of professional massage experience along with a decade of teaching and studying yoga, Zeyah brings hands-on touch, mindfulness, and movement to healing mental health challenges. Zeyah specifically focuses on addressing trauma symptoms and chronic pain through a holistic lens.

Prior to establishing a private practice in Portland, Zeyah worked as an event organizer with LGBTQ youth and was a HIV test counselor and sexual health educator. This background informs  Zeyah's perspective that powerful healing is possible through coming together as a group, sharing information, and being creative with how we approach some of our most intimate experiences. 


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